SAI Topic Summary for Desember 2019

4 ~ 7 December 2019

To promote and make a chance to increase our business, we joint the 30th international exhibition Manufacturing Indonesia (A Pamerindo Indonesia Trade Event) on Dec 4 ~ 7, 2019.

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SAI Topic Summary for September 2019

20 ~ 21 September 2019

In addition to events between employees, SAI hold a Employee gathering for all employees. The goal is to increase awareness, togetherness and teamwork between all employees. This event, conducted on September 20-21, 2019 at Palabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java.

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SAI Topic Summary for Juni 2019

20 Juni 2019

As our commitment to provide excellent product for our customer and  conducted continuous improvements internally, every year, SAI has Quality Control Circle (QCC) competition event for each departments. In 2019, this event has entered at 6th.  Each Circle will present some problem (related on their Department) and how to solve by QC 7 Tools.

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SAI Topic Summary for February 2019

3 ~ 4 February  2019

To increase motivation, teamwork and awareness among employees, SAI hold motor cycle touring event every year (Which are only attended by employees) from SAI plant to some tourism destination. On Feb 3 ~ 4, 2019, the event was establish at Bogor, West Java.

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